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Top 10 Books In USA

The best selling book list in the world for 2018 with a wide range of books on the hottest topics in the world. Slot-machines, poker, blackjack, roulette and more . Victory in Your Hands!

40,000 Spins

Stories and strategies, anecdotes and analyses. The author relies on a system of finding out of the odds occurrences in roulette for the methodical, disciplined, conservative bettor.

Very good for beginners He explains how he developed the play, what the play consists of and examples and methods of gaining confidence to make the play successful. 197 Pgs. 2010

  • Languages: English, German, French
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Very helpful for slot machines
  • There is no need for prior knowledge
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A Man for All Markets

The true story of the mathematics professor of counting cards, who taught the world how to beat the merchant easily and brought revolution on Wall Street.

The legendary mathematician Edward A. Thorpe invented the counting of cards, proved the impossible: that you can beat the dealer at a blackjack table. As a result he launched a Renaissance gambling. His great success - an unshakable method - caused such a frenzy that casinos changed the rules of the game to thwart him and the legions he aroused. They blocked him from his seat, and even put his life in danger. Nevertheless, The Game has changed forever.

  • The best selling book in the world
  • Comes in English only
  • 250 pages
  • A very detailed explanation
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Essential Poker Math

Poker math is the most important aspect to not hold'em poker, but it is often overlooked or simply not used because a lot of poker players are afraid that it is too hard to learn. We're here to tell you it's not. In fact, basic poker math is very easy to learn.

And it can yield you a lot more profits on the poker table. Without using simple math on the poker table, you are just guessing game and this brings us to lose money.

  • 150 Pages of New Material
  • 4 New Chapters
  • Free Enrollment
  • 75 Carefully Devised Practice
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Fortune's Formula

In 1949, a scientist discovered the scientific formula for getting rich. His name is Claude Shannon, a neurotic father in our digital age, whose genius is ranked by Einstein. He was a Texas-born doctor, a gun killer.

Together they applied the science of information theory - the basis of computers and the Internet - to the problem of making as much money as possible, as quickly as possible. A simple method that can be easily learned in the book attached to the purchase on the site.

  • The book is in English
  • Fast money using a new method
  • Stop losing Money
  • 199 pages in the book
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How to Play Craps

Love Craps? Want to know how you can greatly improve your game? Want to learn forever in craps? This is the book for you! In this book, I will explain the 50 simple, most unbeatable tips on how to win in craps.

If you like the game of craps like I do, you know it offers an unrivaled level combined with endless possibilities to win and of course - lots and lots of fun!

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Results after one day
  • Win real money
  • The book is in English and Spanish
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Video Poker Edge

Most people believe that winning slots is a matter of luck, and video poker actually gives you an opportunity to make decisions. The problem is that most people just don t kw how to make smart game moves or they didn t up to w.

Video Poker Edge first explains the basics of video poker, and presents you with eight common video poker games that pay well and easy to play. For each game recommended, you will learn the right response to any common hand you can have in a business.

  • Video Poker Tips
  • How to Win Slots
  • Make Money with Slots
  • Las Vegas Trip Can Make Money
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Casinos Royale

Everyone knows James Bond, Ian Fleming's agent 007 is sent to an English casinos. His mission is to win a merciless Russian agent who was on a bad streak at the baccarat table.

The man known only as "La Schiffer", already ten years. If Bond can eliminate his sponsor, Le Chiffre is expected to be "retired" by his paymasters in Moscow. But what if the cards do not cooperate? A fascinating book about the best works that were studied in the 1990s.

  • Based on a true story
  • 150 Pages
  • A real action book
  • The Money Game world can be dangerous
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Blackjack Secrets

You can spend as a total on a book to help you get better as a blackjack player. You will find abundant online courses online. You can even find personal trainers and teachers that will help you gain an edge over the game and other table players.

These products may be valuable, but we are a big fan of a cheaper and better option - the best blackjack book in the world.

  • Win the game
  • 242 Pages
  • Make 10% More Money
  • Also suitable For Online Game
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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

One of the world's best-selling gambling-books, has helped millions of people make money at games around the world. We all know that the success rate against the game is less than 50 percent. This book can change this situation.

Thousands of people have managed by reading the book to get very impressive results. You can too!

  • The best book sold in the world
  • The most popular book in the US
  • Legitimate gambling-methods
  • 130 Pages
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Beat the Slots

Welcome to the world where you can win slot machines! This book consists of 165 pages which explain to you by very smart methods how to win the slot machines. In addition, the book is updated to 2018 and explains which slot machines should be played and which machines should not play.

This way increase your chances of making money by hundreds of percent. Your way to make money within one week.

  • 165 Pages
  • Win slots by a week lerning
  • The most important book in the world
  • Has changed the lives of thousands of people
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